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Vietnam Team Building Corporation

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dai ngan

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bach ma

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Team building Khe Ga Point, Vietnam Team building company the ruputable team building organizer in Sai Gon

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Company news

Notify about changing the company name & address.

First of all, Vietnam Team Building Corporation would like to thank the cooperation and trust of your company in recent years. After 4 years of construction and development, VietNamTeamBuilding gradually became prestigious brands on the market teambuilding tours in Vietnam and was initially promoted to the market in the region and the world. To confirm the position of the...

Announces National Holidays 02-09-215

Announces National Holidays 02-09-215. Follow the regulations of the State of holiday mode, plaited 02.09.2015. Based on the actual situation of the company, General Director of the company announced to the whole staff as follows: 1. Time Holidays: - National holiday: 02/09/2015 (on Wednesday) - Going back to working from 3/9/2015 (on Thursday)

Vietnam Team Building opened customer service center District 12

On 07/07/2015, Vietnam Team Building Company launched Customer Service Office  in District 12. As a result, all transactions, customer service took place here. Customers demand scenario teambuilding, organizing teambuilding programs, please contact: VIETNAM TEAM BUILDING CORPORATION. Address: 290/30 HT17 street, Hiep Thanh Ward, District 12, HCM City. Phone: (028) 2247 3838...

Notification about alert with bad objects disguised VietNamTeamBuilding

Notification about alert with bad objects disguised VietNamTeamBuilding. Recently there are a few bad objects incorporation and pretending VietNamTeamBuilding staff to deal with customers. Therefore, Vietnam Team Building Company notify to our customers and partners know to avoid getting scammed.